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Top Lining means adding your own lyrics and melody to a pre-created instrumental track or beat. These tracks/beats usually have pre-defined song sections (e.g. Vs, Ch, Br). It’s becoming more and more common for artists to top line to pre-made tracks and release them. For songwriters, good quality tracks are now expected in the music industry when pitching, so many professional songwriters use top lining as a primary method of writing. 

Pitching your song means playing your song for an artist, publisher or A&R rep, with the goal of getting the song recorded and released by an artist. 

After you complete the checkout process, you will be taken to the purchase confirmation page, which has a link to download your files. You will also receive an email with a link to your files. Lastly, your files are always available for download in your Dashboard in the Purchases area. 

No. Jetracks Producers do not take co-writer credit or publishing for songs written to their tracks or beats. 

No. When you purchase a license from a Jetracks Producer, they are giving you the freedom to use the track within the restraints of that license. If your use of the track exceeds the license limit, you will need to upgrade your license. 

Yes. Any release of a Jetracks track or beat should credit the producer’s name in streaming, digital downloads or physical distribution where appropriate. 

Visit our Licenses page to see what each of our 4 license types include, as well as a breakdown of what type of artist or songwriter each license is geared toward. 

Each license is tailored toward a different situation, and we at Jetracks have striven to accommodate you with our license breakdown. Jetracks producers decide which licenses they will offer for each track, as well as the price of each license.

If you purchase the Ultimate+ license for a track or beat, it is called a “buy-out”. These tracks/beats are then removed from Jetracks.com and cannot be sold again. Essentially, buying out a track/beat means you will have free and unlimited use of your finished song, giving you unlimited usage to distribution. While others may have bought lower licenses for the track/beat prior to your buy-out, their license and rights will remain the same. But you will be the last buyer of the track/beat and have free and unlimited use of your final product.

No. The producer who created the track or beat retains ownership of the master. The 4 licenses outline the terms of usage the producer is offering for their master recording. Because the tracks & beats on Jetracks involve multiple licenses to multiple users, offering true master ownership is not possible. However, a buyout of the track (Ultimate+ License) offers similar benefits to owning the master, including unlimited paid usage and the track or beat being taken down from Jetracks and never sold again. 

If you need to upgrade your track/beat license, please email support@jetracks.com with the name of the track, your current license and to which license you would like to upgrade your track/beat.

Because the bulk of income from sync placements require free and clear usage, sync placements will require an Ultimate+ license. To be clear, the Ultimate+ license does not grant master ownership of the track.  

First off, congrats! The artist can release the song/track within the boundaries of the license you purchased. If the artist needs a bigger license, you or the artist will need to upgrade the license. For info on upgrading licenses, see the corresponding question above. 

Yes. In some cases, you will want to modify the track as needed to fit the lyric and melody that you write to it. Every license includes the ability to edit the track for addition or subtraction of bars to fit the lyric and melody you’ve written to the track.

Stems are all of the individual tracks (WAV files) that make up the master track (e.g. drum tracks, guitars tracks, bass tracks etc.) Stems can be imported into a DAW in order to perform edits or remixes. 

If you purchase either the Pro or Ultimate+ license, you will receive stems if the producer of the track has made stems available. You can check for the availability of stems on the track’s ‘View Details” page. 

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